Westcountry minerals 

Specialists in Westcountry mineral rights

Westcountry     Minerals 

Specialists in Westcountry mineral rights


Based in Cornwall we boast unique local knowledge going back over four generations and that we believe makes us the best in the business. 

We specialize in tracking and tracing of mineral entitlements and ways to  commercialize that ownership.

Our clients will have access to our extensive archive of material that covers almost 250 years of mineral estate history.


"Simon whom I have known for many years, has been instrumental in identifying and tracking down mineral rights and lost ownership trails etc, etc...  I am aware that Simon is very good even outstanding when it comes to matters such as these." 

Owen Mihalop, Strongbow Exploration

"Found him (Simon) to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the mineral situation in Cornwall" 


"It is exciting to have come together to be working with someone  pertaining to our joint  past history Simon is clearly an energetic, and proactive businessman making great strides in being a leader in this field. He has been transparent, fair and helpful, support and friendship in rescuing what might well have been a lost cause for us and for making this happen for our mutual future benefit"


"Simon has worked effectivly, understanding the brief and outcomes of the project. The project has been completed professionally, in accordance with the project brief." 

"We gladly agreed and his initiative, time consuming effort and professional enthusiasm, is hopefully beginning to show signs of bearing"



Mineral Ownership 

It may generally be considered that who owns that land at surface must own what lies beneath. 

However it is not as simple as that, mineral rights are often separate from the land above.  When it comes to mineral ownership have an extensive archive, vast experience and local knowledge that allow us to track and trace who holds the mineral entitlements.

Mining Lease

Once a mineral ownership has been established will produce a digital map of the holdings using the latest GIS technology.

The map that we will produce will differentiate between the different classes of entitlements such as full entireties, undivided and divided holdings.

Registration at Land Registry

Should the client wish we will assist with the formal registration of the rights at the Land Registry.

Management Of Mineral Agreements

Once a mineral entitlement has been traced, tracked and mapped we will work as consultant to help our client commercialize the holdings. 

Purchasing Mineral Rights

Westcountry Minerals also offer a facility whereby we would purchase the holdings either on an outright purchase or byway of joint venture arrange#


(# for further information please contact us)